Circulation Foundation



We started working with this medical research charity in Jan 2011, helping then to devise a marketing strategy to broaden their reach and funding streams.


We had a massive impact on the success of their second Vascular Disease Awareness Week in 2011, for example 23 hospital and stakeholder events took place from Cornwall to Newcastle – triple the uptake of seven centres in 2010. After this success we were commissioned to redefine their brand and build a new website.

The key challenge was to increase traffic, on a tight budget, whilst repackaging existing content.


Google Analytics and user testing formed the basis of our new navigation, page priority, positioning of links and of course, the look and feel. This delivered a more efficient user experience and relevant search engine optimisation copy together with this achieved significant results:


The hard facts speak for themselves

  1. Comparing January to February 201 2 to January to February 201 3 we have increased the traffic to the site by 466% (From 4,461 to 25,285)

  2. 2013 we have pushed past the 10,000 visits per month mark

  3. 350% uplift in traffic in people who had never heard of the charity before (from 3,196 to 14,223)

  4. Brand search traffic increase by 50%

  5. The bounce rate (those who leave after visiting one page) improved dramatically, following website upgrades we recommended, with a 24.6% reduction in visitor loss

  6. Our campaign, including the launch of a vascular disease online risk checker, increased web traffic by 182%


“Working with hey moscow has been a real pleasure.  Their impact on our organisation has been significant… from the first Vascular Disease Awareness Week we worked on together, to the broader strategic and creative positioning work they’ve done for us.


They’re good listeners, incredibly organised and very responsive to our needs. They managed to generate high quality research results for us at low cost, so we could make key changes in the knowledge that our approach was robust.
They’ve shown real dedication to our work and I feel I can call on any member of the team for advice and help at any time.


Our Chairman is absolutely delighted with the resulting materials and they have also been resoundingly endorsed by our management committee.”


Rebecca Wilkinson, Fundraising & Events Manager


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