"Mid Essex Hospital Trust"


Recruitment and retention

Produced recruitment and retention packs to assist the service in attracting and keeping quality staff. An honest, peer-led approach to photography and messaging helped recruits positively identify with MEHST over and above other prospective employers. We were subsequently commissioned to revamp their website with a customer focus.

?In every project hey moscow's done with us, they've achieved exactly what they promised: a range of innovative and inspiring design solutions, tailored to our needs, and delivered with professionalism on budget and on time. I expected them to be passionate about their work, but what makes the difference is that they're passionate about our work.

I've seen a lot of glossy, clever, sterile, wholly interchangeable marketing and design material. The hey moscow approach is the absolute antithesis of this. Look through their portfolio and what's most striking is their ability to bring out in their designs the unique 'personality' of every project and organisation. A lot of design seems to be about the designer; hey moscow's solutions have always been about us and our target audience. hey moscow are a great team and it's an absolute pleasure working with them.? I have nothing but praise for their work and their approach.??? Nick Groves, Director




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